by Kathryn Gniadek, M.S.



Fab Five Levels
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      You may be one of my past, present or future math students. Perhaps you are a parent who has heard primal screaming from your child’s room as they tried to figure out their trig homework. Maybe you are a math or science teacher trying to help your students understand Trigonometry. You may be a math nerd who loves to astound groups of people with your super powers in mathematics when you can answer challenge questions like, “If I give you any angle in the entire world that is related to a Fab Five Angle, can you give me all six Trigonometric functions for that angle without a calculator?” After a student masters the “Fab Five for Trigonometry” method, he or she can answer that challenge within seconds and faster than if  he or she used a calculator.

No memorization! Just understanding!

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